A reasonable doubt

A confident faith
A confident faith

When you think about the number of languages still needing a translation in Papua New Guinea and around the world, it would be reasonable to doubt whether or not the job will ever be completed. That is when we need to remember who our faith is in.  Jesus never asked us to live a life without a doubt but rather when confronted with doubt, learn to live a life of faith. When Thomas responded with doubt about the others seeing Jesus, Jesus confronted him and  told him to touch him and said “Do not disbelieve, but believe.”   It’s not our efforts, wisdom, resources or time that will accomplish the task. The task will be accomplished when we come in touch with  Jesus.  We need to believe that the God who created these languages also wants all men to worship Him. The best way for that to happen is when they hear about Him in their heart-language. If we have a reasonable faith in Him, then all reasonable doubts will fade away.

Really !!??
Really !!??

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