End of the day


There is something to be said for the end of a hard day of work. It’s that good feeling you have when the sense of accomplishment has overtaken you and you begin to wind down. Maybe the trip is over, the paperwork is finished or the garden has been planted, whatever was completed, can now be put to rest. As you reflect on the things that you accomplished today (or yesterday!), what comes to mind? Most of the things that we do are important but some end up being trivial. Will what we do today be remembered for eternity? Not many things will last that long but the Word of God will last forever. Think about this… today, in several places throughout Papua New Guinea,  a portion of God’s Word was written down in the heart language of the people doing the translation work, for the very first time.  That’s something to feel good about. Pray for the work being done today.


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