14 reasons

Engaging the church
Engaging the church

14 reasons to watch this video. 14.) To see that the PNG church wants to be involved in the Bible translation effort. 13.) It’s easy to watch simply click on this link –  The Engaged Church. 12.) It’s only 4:10 long. 11.) It highlights what one church is doing to engage in the translation task. 10.) To pray for PNG language groups without scriptures. 9.) To pray for more resources so that the task can be completed. 8.) To pray for BTA and its effort to get Scriptures into the heart languages of the people of PNG. 7.) To pray for Cassowary Road United Church as it looks to replace a valuable leader from their church whom they sent to do translation work. 6.) To pray that translated Scriptures would impact lives. 5.) To experience the heartfelt commitment of the PNG church. 4.)  Because it was a lot of work!  3.) To become informed about the Bible translation effort in PNG. 2.) To think about how your church could engage in the process. And… the number one reason? 1.) To pray how the Lord might be leading you to be engaged in the Bible translation effort in PNG!


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