12 Kina

Papua New Guinea Kina
Papua New Guinea Kina

Is it worth 12 Kina? or 5 Aussie dollars? US$4.60? 30 Swedish Krona? 100,000 Vietnamese dong? What is the value of Scripture? Of course we would say its too valuable to put a price on Scripture but in a way we do. Some language development and Bible translation programs have to be curtailed because of lack of funds. Some translation advisers have to leave their language groups to go back to their home countries to raise more funds. So there is a cost associated with the production of mother-tongue Scripture. What if we had an  auction for verses… what would we pay for John 3:16 or Philippians 4:6 or John 14:6. I wonder what John 11:35 (Jesus wept.) would go for ? So is it at least worth 12 Kina? It should be! Pray for the resources needed to complete the task of bringing Scripture to the languages that do not have them.


One thought on “12 Kina

  1. Could we say Scripture is a treasure beyond measure? Or could we say it is preciously priceless? Maybe Scripture is so priceless and measureless that we can’t even put a monetary value on it. In any case, isn’t it wonderful that once it is one’s language that it is freely accessible?

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