High 5

Moving Bibles
Moving crates

It is customary in many places to celebrate by slapping another person’s hand as they hold it high over their head. It’s called a “high five”. It is usually done spontaneously after a positive significant event, like scoring a goal or receiving good news. Recently at the Ukarumpa Centre, an overseas delivery of the Arop-Lokep New Testament arrived at the store’s loading dock. From there it will be delivered to Long Island, off the coast of Madang Province. The arrival of these books is worthy of high fives, as they are one step closer to the hearts of the Arop-Lokep people. The books will arrive at their destination where a real celebration is scheduled for June 8th. One interesting fact about Long Island, PNG is that the island has a large lake in the middle called Wisdom Lake. Now wisdom comes to them in their heart language. Pray for the Arop-Lokep people that they would embrace these wise words.


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