3 minutes

Telling stories
Telling stories

Sorry about this… The original post was accidentally posted before it was complete!

3 minute videos, 3 hundred word stories … tidbits of information for people to read. We live in an age where information is “downsized” to fit in our schedule. But Saturday was a little different. We were videoing stories from our friends around the nation who were in Ukarumpa attending classes. Papua New Guineans love to tell their stories. Every story seemed to emphasize the urgent need for translation resources. Almost 3 hours later, we finally stopped because it was approaching lunch time. It’s good to slow down and listen! Pray for the stories of language development and Bible translation, as they go around the world, that they might create interest to bring resources to PNG. Pray that the resources that come will help Papua New Guineans  complete the task.

Telling stories
Telling stories

To see how one department creatively celebrated a New Testament arrival go to this link…


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