2 makes 1

Old with the New
Old with the new

1 down…. 1 to go… 1+1 usually equals 2 but in in the translation process it equals a complete Bible. The Bible is generally thought of as two parts – Old and New Testaments. With so many languages needing a translation project, the initial effort often focuses on the completion of the New Testament. But much of the New Testament has its foundation in the books of the Old Testament and needs to be translated. This is addressed in several ways. Sometimes the New Testament is published with books or partial Old Testament Scriptures. In many cases, the New Testament translation teams just keep right on going, working towards a complete Bible. Some teams take a break when the New Testament is completed and it becomes hard to get started again. Pray for these teams that are still working on the 39 books of the Old Testament. Pray for those who haven’t the resources or desire to continue that it may become a priority.


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