Hungry or satisfied

Pig Out!
Pig Out!

A  goal of a completed New Testament is often the target for many new language development and Bible translation projects. As the project gets closer to completion,  a hunger to have a completed New Testament increases.  When the project reaches its goal, there is often a celebration to mark the event and in Papua New Guinea, a celebration means a feast. Food comes from everywhere and the end of the day usually closes with hundreds of people having great stacks of food on their plate, eating together. But guess what? There will still be people that are hungry. Listening to the conversation, it will not be unusual to find people starting to talk about how the Old Testament can be translated into their heart language so that they can have the complete Bible. Partial satisfaction creates a greater hunger for God’s Word. Pray for the many Old Testament projects that are in process.

Let's eat!
Let’s eat!

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