Opened or closed

Open the Book!
Open the Book!

Will the Book remain opened or closed?  Many things influence the answer to the question. It’s not as simple as creating a translation.  In some areas the issue might be literacy, so helping them learn how to read is a priority. Much work is done to insure that young and old are taught how to read. In some areas it may be the significance of the Word of God, then programs like SALT and LLEAD are presented to provide insights into God’s Word that assist in Scripture application and community development. There are many other reasons and it takes wisdom, courage and perseverance for language teams to help communities and churches,  keep the Book open. Remarkably, the success rate is high but ultimately, no matter how much effort the teams make,  it is up to the individuals within the language group. Pray that Papua New Guineans  would read the Book! Praise God for the many that do!

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