Art or science?

Art or science?
Art or science?

Another contrast for you to think about today, Art or Science? Is translation an art or a science? Let’s face it. Many of the things we do can be explained scientifically, logically or systematically. We like to know that there is predictability and consistency in order to generate probable outcomes. But in the end it is the creative element that brings about beauty. I mean who describes a sunset in scientific terms? Translation is much the same way. Most translators will tell that, many times, the process is more artistic than scientific.   There is a great need for patterns and processes, key terms and linguistics,  orthographies and lexicographies but in the end, it is inspiration that often is the key to just the right word. The result?  A work of art, “God’s Word” in someone’s heart language. Pray that the creative and systematic  processes produce masterpieces in PNG.


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