Don’t make waves

Making waves
Making waves

“Don’t make waves!” Have you ever been told that? If you are in a situation where everyone is comfortable and things seem to be going smoothly, someone might just say that to you. But what if the need for change is great, newer ways are available and perhaps some people are outside of the “comfortable group?” Make the waves! The Bible translation and language development effort in PNG has long recognised the urgency of getting God’s Word into the heart languages of people groups that don’t have them… but that might mean changes in how that is to be done. Innovative strategies and technological advances have enabled new processes with great effectiveness.  This doesn’t discount the value of previous methods, it builds on them. These pioneers in linguistics and translation work have laid the foundation for even greater effectiveness today. Pray that the effort can move forward with power. Pray for even bigger waves!

Mixing it up!
Mixing it up!

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