Rain, rain, go away

Waiting Anxiously
Waiting Anxiously

“The earnings from selling three pounds (1.5 kg) of raw coffee beans will buy one Audibible.” – Rich Mattocks, SIL

The low clouds and intermittent rain threatened to ground the helicopter. It was a mixed blessing. The Eastern Highlands Province was experiencing a drought and the rain was a welcome sight for those with dry gardens and empty water tanks, but for the team travelling to Mobutasa village it was heartbreaking. The team had worked for weeks to plan the distribution of Audibibles and Awa New Testaments.  The Audibibles are solar-powered MP3 players with the New Testament pre-recorded on them in the Awa language.

The Awa people were experiencing the same weather in their village. Periodic correspondence by cell phone with Osa, a village resident, confirmed that there were low clouds at the landing site. Suddenly, the cell phone messaging stopped, perhaps because of loss of coverage or a dead battery.

The weather began to clear around noon where the team was waiting.  Although the helicopter could take off, the pilot was unsure if it would be possible to land in the village. The decision was made to go and pray that the landing pad would be clear of clouds. No one wanted to disappoint the Awa people, some who may have walked more than a day to get to Mobutasa.

As the helicopter left the Aiyura valley, the weather cleared and soon the village was in sight.  As the helicopter landed and the blades slowly came to a stop, people were singing, heralding the arrival of the Awa Audibibles. The boxes of Audibibles were carried reverently to the decorated house where the distribution would take place.

As the day progressed, 171 Audibibles and 78 New Testaments were distributed. Because of the late arrival, part of the team did an impromptu overnight. This provided an opportunity to train those who will carry the Audibibles and New Testaments to the other villages. Over the next several days, more Audibibles were distributed and now up to 297 families in the Awa language group can listen to the Scriptures in their heart language.

“Not everyone can read here, so the Audibibles are a blessing because all can listen to God’s Word in the Awa language.” – Awa pastor

Checking out the Audibible
Checking out the Audibible

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