Goodness is…


… impossible but achievable (What does that mean???) “Good job”, “Good day”, “Good shot”, “Good looking”, “Goodnight”, “Good grief” What does it mean to look or be good? Ask ten people this question and you will get ten different answers. In a culture that values relativism, goodness is up to you. However, there is a standard, an absolute standard, God. But how does one measure up to God? We achieve goodness when we reflect God’s goodness to the people around us. God is the one and only goodness… We ourselves fall short when we claim to be good. Goodness in us, is more of a mirror than a picture.  The Bible is full of the goodness of Go an in order to reflect God’s goodness to others, people need to understand what the Bible says about His goodness. Understanding comes best in one’s heart language. Pray for the “Good” work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea.


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