Getting home

Coastal waves
Coastal waves

What do you do when the only road from the coast has a bridge go out and you need to get home? Check the flight schedule! The van that took us to Madang was scheduled to drive back today but that didn’t look like an option with the road out. There was a flight scheduled on Friday but not everyone would be able to go. Fortunately a helicopter was needed to transport translators from a remote setting to Madang. Once in Madang, it was empty and would return to Ukarumpa empty, costing the translators even more. So we got a ride home on a helicopter and the translators didn’t have to pay as much for their trip from the village. Best of all the helicopter is a great place to take pictures. My fingers actually cramped up taking so many. So, the moral of the story? God is always in control and He always has a way and it is usually a way that we haven’t planned for.

Home & Garden
Home & Garden

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