K is for kainotophobia

K is for
K is for Kainotophobia!

There is a word for every kind of fear. “K” is for kainotophobia. It means the fear of change. Almost everyone is plagued by kainotophobia once in a while.  Change is happening so fast that we hardly have a chance to adjust to one change before another one overtakes it. Change is occurring in the language development and Bible translation effort as well. It wasn’t too long ago that a translation effort was led by an expatriate missionary who spent 20-30 years working in one language group. Now there are many different ways to conduct a successful translation. In PNG, new programs are starting with representatives from multiple language groups working together with seasoned national and expatriate translators mentoring the participants. This change encourages local participation and broader involvement in communities, which leads to greater acceptance of the finished translation.  Kainotophobia…. who needs it!

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